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Keep up the good work Ego!

This also had me in tears

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Wow, this is surprisingly awful.

What IS it with you guys and your obssesion with pure shit? I am not saying this to troll: This may be the worst game I ever played in my entire life. period. I don't care who I'm saying this to. In coding, the controls sound pretty normal. But the human mind can not maintain to control 7 different actions, all used for different things, in a set course like that. Especially since they're all bundled up together. I know, all you have to do is it the right keys, right? Well that's easier said than done. Who the hell has that kind of reflexes and memory?

And WHY THE FUCK aren't the bonus levels on a separate menu? No one wants to go through this whole shit more than once. Most of them are near-impossible as it is without playing the game again! Oh, what's that? Practice? How can you PRACTICE on this?!? If anything, this game is based more on LUCK than on skill, you just have to be careful not to fuck up and keep your brain in-tact.

I was going to give it a 5, but changed it to 3 so you'll learn your lesson. The next time you have an old, rare, and expensive game in your collection that you cherish, do NOT share it with the rest of us.


Well, I'm afraid you've blown it, as many others have said. Unlike a lot of other people though I played through the whole first 10 waves, it pained me to do it but I tried what I can do. And then I fucking died on the last wave. Everyone has the same complaints, and I advice you fix them. No, I don't mean make a new and improved one next year, I mean as soon as you can. I wasn't keeping track of time but I must have been playing for roughly half an hour on the first level. That is WAY too long for a game where you get no upgrades, stay on the same layout and see the same four enemies all over again.

If you been playing the game for as long as I have you get used to it's controls, so those who complain about that are just impatient. However, the controls ARE really annoying, and they could have been better. Another thing that pissed me off is that you take damage when you fall. In a game about SURVIVING AGAINST WAVES OF ENEMIES. That feature does NOT belong in this type of game, even by itself it's a lame gimmick.

The number of enemies to kill may look small on paper, but for this, it just isn't. I have no idea what to say at this point but going through waves just takes way too fucking longer than necessary. You need to learn that there is a difference between adding challenge, and making the gameplay purposely shitty in attempt to gain that. You are not being any more "challenge" by removing an upgrade system, falling and taking damage, and adding extra momentum. In doing that, you have made a boring, repetitive game with nothing to compliment it's art style. The art is ok, and luckily I found no glitches, but do you think that's good enough to save it? The reason I died was do to some very, very bad luck, but in general, the game is too easy to even die! So I guess by your logic, the longer you make each and every wave, the "harder" you think it gets. This backfired on you, as you made the game so long, you made people hate. Congratulations.

For all of these bad complaints, I think I might know what the problem is. I looked on both of your medal scores and noticed that NEITHER of you have the medals for your own game. That explains a lot, it tells me that the two of you never tested it all the way through. Have you done so, instead of probably just moved and shot around to make sure everything worked fine, you immediately would have noticed that any one sane enough to get passed Wave 3 takes just way too god damn long to get anywhere. You should have tested the game yourself (or atleast hire someone to beta test it) and realized just how repetitive it was, if say you did test it 100%, your a lier. If you don't know how to add a shop/upgrade system: LEARN TO. If you didn't have enough time: FIX IT NOW. (Or at least make the upgrades permanent untill you get a new one for god sakes!)

The worst part? The amount these medals are worth are fucking shit. You shouldn't torture people if you give such a low reward.

Here's a list of some options, which I recommend that you do at least one if you know whats good for you.
1. Lower the amount of enemies towards the end.
2. Raise the medal scores.
3. Add something that would make people want to keep playing.

So to you, and to anyone else who adds medals onto their future projects, test your fucking games.


An alright game.

It's not really good but for what it is, it's ok. However it DOES get a little bit buggy and seems to lag like some other people say. If you iron those out it could have a lot better score.

However, one thing I really need to comment on is the medals. They're working fine and all of them are fun and simple to get, but that isn't the problem. I would like to recommend that you PLEASE raise the score for some of them, having them ALL worth only 5 points is not much worth the effort and really an insult to players. The 5 point medals should be reserved for something like the 'first kill' or visiting a website, something really easy. I'm not saying they should be all worth 100 points each, I'm just saying that (as easy as the medals are) some of them should have a bit more of a reward for the effort put in. Beating the main game should be 25 or 50 and the challenge levels should at the very LEAST be 10 points...

Still, another good Shift game, it just could have been better.

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I love this remix!

I like to think of it as the overall Madness theme.


Pure win. Thats all there is to say,


It sounds a little bit like GS-Screamer's remix of the song but slightly slower.

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Clearly the two of you put a lot of work into this. You guys get extra points for the (very well detailed) gore and insides! If you don't mind I would like to know how you did that. It's a crime that this wasn't even front paged. What I like the most about it is that from far away it may just looks like a pile of dead bodies on a lump of clay, but there is so much more detail on it that some people might take for granted. It would make a great Halloween decoration. This is so underrated that it makes me sad.

In short, very good work!

HongKongBong responds:

Haha, thanks man!
We made the details in this way: First we made sure we had everything clayed, all small pieces. Every hand, head, gun and bodyparts. After that we painted everything and glued it into place after that. Then we painted everything that needed a second layer and voila!


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